D.A.R.E.N. News 2010

DAREN of WV News August 1, 2010 (.942]
Kenneth Harris WA8LLM (304) 679-3470 wa8llm@yahoo.com
P.O. BOX 3328, PARKERSBURG, WV 26103

DAREN News, are articles and information about the Digital Amateur Radio "Emergency" Network of WV, which operates on 145.69 MHz.  Anyone having any information about DAREN, or Amateur Radio in general, and would like to share it with others, may send it to WA8LLM @ PKBGWV on 145.69 MHz, or to my E-Mail: wa8llm@yahoo.com.  A State Wide DAREN NET is operated every Saturday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and lately, before and after those hours.  The DAREN Net Announcement, showing the MAIN NCS, ALTERNATE NCS, NODEs accessible to both, and the previous week's check-ins, are posted by Thursday on most of the Main county DAREN PBBS'.  The DAREN News can also be found on the wc8ec.org website.

I got an E-Mail from Gene Roy, N8ER, last week telling me that he has moved the Tucker County NODE/PBBS of TUCKWV/PRSNWV.  He moved the station on Tuesday the 27th to a higher and better location.  The station is now located at the QTH of Bill Hole, AC8FD.  The station has a very good path to the Pendleton County NODE of PENDWV.  I haven't tried but a couple of paths from the station so I can't report on how many other paths that it might have.  I will do some testing in a few days and try to report on it in the near future.  Gene said that Bill will try to be active on the DAREN system.  Bill made his first check-in to the State Wide DAREN on December 12th, 2009.  He made his second check-in to the net this past weekend.

Not much else to report this week.  I will be busy getting ready for a couple of meetings this coming week.  Our Communications group, Wood County Emergency Communications (WCEC), will be holding their annual picnic at their business meeting on Tuesday.  Then I'll be getting ready for a Show-N-Tell of the Mid Ohio Health Department Communications Trailer on Thursday morning at a meeting of the Region 5 Hospitals.  Members of WCEC have been working on the trailer for a few months and have installed several radios, both Public Safety and Amateur. They have also installed five computers that are networked to a main server unit that has access to Satellite Internet and Telephone service.  The health department is hoping to get the money to install a small PBX Telephone system in the trailer which can provide both corded and cordless extensions to agencies when used at a disaster scene.  Then Thursday evening I'll be at the Waverly VFD Fire Station putting up a couple of our group's 24 by 40 foot canopies, for them to use at their Ice Cream Social on Saturday.

There were only 49 check-ins to this week's State Wide DAREN Net.  Charles King, KB8YIT, needs only one more check-in to make 450.  Kenneth Butler, WA8TOX, needs only one more check-in to make 100.  There was one new participant to this week's net, and that was Joshua Smith, KD8HRX, from Morgantown.  I want to welcome Joshua to the DAREN system, and hope he can participate as often as possible.  Things have sure been busy, that aren't Amateur Radio related, and I want to get the participation certificates printed up and send out to those who have been waiting.  I may try to get them printed up this week.

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