Communities — If you are an elected or appointed public official who represents a municipality in and/or around the Wood County, WV or Washington County, OH area our representatives will be delighted to explain how amateur radio can offer reliable back-up for your public safety communications. Amateur radio can help.

Schools — Is your district prepared to provide communication with families during a possible evacuation? Might you need emergency backup for contact with buses or other district sites? Amateur radio can help.

Hospitals –- All the hospitals in the Wood County Emergency Communications service area are equipped with voice and digital packet equipment for use in any emergency. Amateur radio can help

Agencies — Nationally and in Wood County, the American Red Cross is linked with amateur radio. Hams provide communications assistance for “health and welfare” messages, keeping agencies in touch with each other, and letting anxious relatives far away know about the status of loved ones. Could your agency use similar help in an emergency? Amateur radio can help.

Potential Volunteers — If you are a licensed amateur radio operator who would like to be of direct help to your neighbors and community in times of emergency, RACES, ARES and WCEC can use your help!  No experience is necessary we will train you. If you are not licensed, we can help you get your amateur radio license. We’d love to hear from you.